This software is a lifesaver… It takes away all the complexity associated with configuring your hardware via software and generates all the code you need, so that you can directly start writing your main application code.

The GUI is very intuitive. Selecting all the IPs and configuring them. Setting pins to be whatever you want. So now you don’t have to look through datasheets just to see whether you can set this pin to be e.g. I2C clock/SPI MOSI/whatever else. You can also configure all the peripherals like setting the SPI frequency, USB report sizes and many more.

Screenshot from 2016-03-10 19-19-53

Clock configuration is also great. You can directly see and change all the frequencies and dividers.

Screenshot from 2016-03-10 19-21-05

I haven’t used the power consumption calculator yet but I think it probably also does a good job.

[The only complaint I have about this software is that it’s not cross-platform. I used to develop on Linux before so I can definitely imagine it being useful tool on Linux as well(and MacOS I guess…).]

EDIT 23/7/2015

I have just discovered that you can make it run on Linux. It is just a zipped java application. I found in on this blog. Now I can finally switch my STM32 development fully to Linux and save a lot of time.

EDIT 23/7/2015

And the last really useful feature is the ability to generate the code with only the necessary source files. So you don’t have to compile the entire HAL library if you’re not using it. Saves time, space, complexity πŸ˜€

EDIT 10/3/2016

The remark about not being cross platform is no longer valid :D. ST has released a Linux version of STM32CubeMX πŸ˜€ Thanks ST πŸ˜€ Now normal people can use it as well πŸ˜€


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